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Internships for Master students

Molecular cardiology – van Rooij group

Contact: Prof. Eva van Rooij (

A major challenge in the field of cardiac biology is to decipher the relevance of different signaling mechanisms during disease. Our lab aims to unravel the molecular pathways that underlie heart disease by studying the complex interplay between gene expression and microRNAs.
While the heart is notoriously resistant to repair, considerable evidence suggests that the fundamental biology of the myocardium provides multiple opportunities to stimulate or boost these endogenously present repair mechanisms, with the final aim to enhance cardiac regeneration to maintain a better cardiac output.
Using molecular in vitro and in vivo gain and loss-of-function studies, applying both genetics and oligonucleotide-based approaches, the van Rooij lab aims to further unveil and delineate signaling pathways relevant for heart repair and remodeling. Our ultimate goal is to develop new and effective treatment options that can minimize the loss of cardiomyocytes and/or reverse the adverse remodeling processes in the diseased heart.

We are looking for highly motivated, eager and bright students with a keen interest in basic science that are interested in becoming involved in translational studies that can contribute to an enhanced understanding of how we can improve cardiac repair upon ischemic injury.

For further information, please contact Prof. Eva van Rooij (