Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Internships for Master students

Exosomes & extracellular vesicles – Verhaar group

Contact: Bas van Balkom (, Nephrology, UMC Utrecht

Exosomes are small (50-130 nm) extracellular vesicles that are secreted by all cell types, and have gained much attention for their role in communication between cells and organs. They contain a wide variety of proteins and RNAs, and thus can impose many different effects on target cells. In our lab, we study many aspects of these vesicles, including biology: how are they made an secreted, how are proteins and RNAs incorporated into these vesicles, and what effects do they have on target cells?

There is a special interest in vesicles from endothelial cells and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), as these vesicles stimulate regeneration of blood vessels and the kidney in vivo.
 We are very well-equipped for vesicle research and apply a broad vaiety of techniques, including ultracentrifugation, immunoblotting, cloning, transfection, (q)PCR, and more. Master students are welcome for internships!