Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

How to apply

A PhD position in The Netherlands is a job. To search for job vacancies, please browse and apply through the websites below:

UMC Utrecht Career website
Utrecht University Job Seekers website
Hubrecht Institute Job Opportunities website

Start date is flexible: A PhD position is a job, so everything related to your position (contract, immigration, etc) is done by the department you will be joining. There is no set start date for a PhD position; it depends on the lab you join and the time it takes for you to immigrate to The Netherlands.

AFTER you have obtained a PhD position, you can enroll in a PhD program.

1. Intake Meeting: Email the PhD Coordinator (Koen Braat) for an intake appointment:

During the intake you will learn about: Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS), Utrecht University; Educational activities and requirements for the RM PhD Program; PhD database of Utrecht University; Training and Supervision Agreement (TSA).

For detailed information about a PhD at Utrecht University (admissions, documents, contacts), please visit the Utrecht University PhD Programmes website.

2. Register in METIS

3.  Fill out your TSA (Training and Supervision Agreement)

After you’ve filled out your TSA and obtained signatures, send it to the RM PhD Coordinator (Koen Braat) for the Program Director’s signature. Your TSA will be returned to you.

Your original TSA goes to the Dean of your faculty, and you should keep a copy of your TSA and give one to your supervisor.