Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

PhD Theses

Read about research our PhD candidates have completed for their theses. A summary will be posted soon after a candidate has defended his/her thesis.

Frans Schutgens

Thesis: Adult Stem Cell-Derived Kidney Organoids to Model Tissue Physiology and Disease Kidney disease is a worldwide public health problem for which no curative treatment exists. A better understanding of…

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Ana-Rita Lourenco

Thesis: Transcriptional mechanisms regulating oncogenic TGF-β signaling in breast cancer PhD supervisor: Prof. P.J. Coffer, PhD, Medicine, molecular medicine Defense date: 22 September 2017 A complex program of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) plays…

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Janneke Boere

Thesis: Extracellular vesicles in synovial fluid: Dynamics during joint inflammation and articular development and promise for joint regeneration and restoration of joint homeostasis   PhD supervisor: P.R. van Weeren, DVM,…

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Luca Braccioli

Thesis: Transcriptional regulation and cellular strategies in neuroregeneration   PhD Supervisor: Paul Coffer, PhD, UMC Utrecht. Defense date: 24 June 2017. Neurogenesis and gliogenesis are processes that occur during development of the…

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Vivian Mouser

Thesis:  Bio-inks for 3D Printing of Cartilage Implants   PhD Supervisor: Jos Malda, PhD, UMC Utrecht. Defense date: 15 June 2017. Articular cartilage defects can cause major pain for a patient…

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