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Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Accelerating the pace of regenerative therapies.

Regenerative Medicine Utrecht (RMU) brings together the largest number of researchers in The Netherlands to address global health care problems.

Our outstanding scientists, engineers, clinicians, students, ethicists and staff work in harmony to translate scientific and technological discoveries into patient benefit. RMU is located in the center of The Netherlands - integrated with the only Veterinary Medicine Faculty in the country, and one of the largest academic hospitals. We have the capacity to turn innovative ideas into new treatments. RMU consists of Utrecht University (Faculties of Veterinary Medicine & Science), UMC Utrecht (academic hospital), and the Hubrecht Institute.

Together, we can imagine a world where there is no shortage of donor organs, where we can repair or replace organs damaged by injury, disease or aging. This is our long-term goal - to help our bodies heal themselves.