27 Feb 2017
02:00PM - 05:00PM
Symposium: Young researchers caught between excellence and impact
15 Mar 2017
10:30AM - 02:15PM
Drug Innovation Program Symposium
20 Mar 2017
12:00PM - 01:15PM
RM Seminar: Pedro Baptista
24 Apr 2017
12:00PM - 01:15PM
RM Seminar: Jevgenij Raskatov
22 May 2017
12:00PM - 01:15PM
RM Seminar: Alan Davidson

RM Seminars

20 March
"Whole-organ bioengineering: current tales of modern alchemy."

Pedro Baptista, PharmD, PhD
Aragon Health Sciences Institute, Zaragoza and Carlos III University Madrid

With a short talk by: 

"Recellularized native kidney scaffolds as a novel tool in nephrotoxocity screening."
Michele Fedecostante, PhD candidate
Utrecht University

Host: Bart Spee

24 April
“Enantiomers, racemates and amyloid beta”
Jevgenij Raskatov, PhD
University of California, Santa Cruz
Host: Niels Geijsen

22 May
Topic: kidney regeneration
Alan Davidson, PhD
University of Auckland, New Zealand

 25 September

Topic: Intestinal epithelial stem cells
Thaddeus Stappenbeck
Washington University School of Medicine, USA
Host: Sabine Middendorp

23 October
Topic: heart repair and regeneration
Li Qian, PhD
University of North Carolina, USA
Host: Linda van Laake

27 November
"Tissue engineering for the urethra and pelvic floor."
Sheila MacNeil, PhD
The University of Sheffield, UK
Host: Petra de Graaf

11 December
Topic human embryo and stem cells
Kathy Niakan, PhD
The Francis Crick Institute, UK
Host: Annelien Bredenoord

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